Bodega Don Bosco, since 1898
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«Between heaven and earth»

This is our graphic representation to synthesize Don Bosco’s spirit and mission. He used to say “Walk with your feet on the earth but keep your eyes and heart on heaven.”

Would you like to get to know

about the history and essence

of Bodega Don Bosco?

This video will give you a short account of our attractive history, so closely connected to the Salesian work. Some interesting landmarks are highlighted since the 19th century to the present. You will also be able to see where our essence lies and what sets us apart from any other winery.

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A Cradle of Great Winemakers

Both from its school and its college, Don Bosco has been training the great Argentine winemakers for over a century now.

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Your Purchase Pays Back!

Every time you buy one of our products, you are contributing to the Salesian mission and helping the deprived young people of Argentina have an education and find a job.

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Since 1898

Don Bosco is one of the oldest wineries in the region, boasting a long-standing tradition, and has had a major influence on the development of the Argentine winemaking industry.

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A great wine made as a homage to the father of Argentine enology: Francisco Oreglia, a devoted priest to whom we owe, among other things, the foundation of the Don Bosco School of Enology. Oreglia Malbec has achieved a great quality, as it is elaborated by means of traditional techniques by an exceptional working team. Please click on the name to learn more.