Bodega Don Bosco, since 1898

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Purchasing our products is an effective way of collaborating with our work, helping on our mission of taking care of and educating the most needed youth in the country. This is why your purchase has a different and more relevant transcendence to it.

Don Bosco's Work (La Obra de Don Bosco). Saint John Bosco, better known as Don Bosco, was an Italian priest, educator and writer of the 19th century. He was the founder of the Salesian Society and other related organizations, at all times with the high aim of promoting education and well-being among the most deprived youth.  The Salesian family is currently one of the world's most numerous Catholic groups. Today, the Salesians of Don Bosco do their work across 130 countries.

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Don Bosco's Work in Argentina gives life to 131 headquarters in 82 locations across 21 provinces. By means of its diverse activities, it seeks to accompany the growth and education of 722,867 children, young people and adults thanks to the work of 22,718 agents of educational pastoral care.

Its goal is to serve children and young people who are in need, abandoned or at-risk, taking a holistic interest in and responsibility for their personal growth and development.

We are convinced that education is a means of transformation and social inclusion. As Don Bosco used to say, every young person always holds a spark of goodness in their heart, even the most troublesome of them. The challenge for adults is not to let that spark die out, but to strive and work towards its growth and development.

We know that the young are the present, above all. If they miss the opportunity to develop their talents and qualities in all dimensions of life, their future and that of their society will be at risk.

Don Bosco's Work in Argentina actively works in the following main areas: Education, job training and placement, at-risk children and youth, native peoples and Salesian missionaries.

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If you would like to learn more about the work of the Salesian movement, please visit the following link: Obra de Don Bosco