Bodega Don Bosco, since 1898

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Bodega Don Bosco grows its own vineyards in two of Mendoza's privileged areas for the production of high quality grapes: Maipú and the Uco Valley. This is where the raw materials are obtained for the elaboration of Don Bosco's wines as well as olive oil, which is manufactured in a separate plant.

Winery. The facilities of Bodega Don Bosco boast unique characteristics as well, linked to the winery's rich history and very particular indeed.

Visitors will witness how parts of the different stages in the winery's evolution have been integrated and form part of the present structure of the winery. The underground cellar is a relic from early times, dating back to 1880 and storing batches of wines from different moments in the firm's history.

The premises also feature the traditional concrete vats for wine fermentation and storage.

In 1968, a new stage began with the inauguration of the magnificent torre vinaria or wine tower, which is 35 meters (115 feet) high and the only one in Latin America. It was conceived based on the Sernagiotto system, which uses the force of gravity in the winemaking process. Consisting of 6 stories, each holding 16 vats with a total capacity of 2.5M liters (660,430 US gallons).

The construction of the wine tower represented a significant innovation both from the architectural and technological viewpoint, as one of its features is, for instance, a centralized temperature control system for each vat.  A visit to its dome offers a unique and superb view of the Rodeo del Medio district and its surroundings.

More recently, in 2007, the more modern sector of the winery was inaugurated, its architectural design and high level of technology once again standing out. It is an avant-garde vinification plant with stainless steel tanks, controlled temperature and cutting-edge machinery, which ensures the best conditions for the production of high quality wines.

It is worth pointing out that Don Bosco winery won an important award for its architecture in the year 2008.

··· The Story of the Bells ···

The elder Salesians used to recall how the same box that stored and transported the bells for the shrine also stored the first plants of Lambrusco Maestri, which, over the years, would become Don Bosco's emblematic variety.